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Coach Struggling Readers to Become Exceptional Readers!

On The Wings Of Reading – The Reading Coach’s Toolkit

An online course by Vera Goodman B.Ed, M.A.

Reading Coach’s Toolkit (Simply Read! Helping Others Read Effectively) is an easy, enjoyable approach to successful reading.

Empower readers to greater success, better grades and confidence.

Imagine your child, a family member, or a friend free of the stress, embarrassment, and challenges of reading poorly. Helping them practice just 15 minutes a day for 15 days will result in dramatic improvement in their ability to read. Within a month most will be fluent readers who smile at books, learning, and themselves.

Tara and Emma

Practice with Emma quickly changed. Now Emma loves to read and her confidence is back.


In just 2 practice sessions, I was able to read difficult material that I would never have tried before.


Anytime I had to read I felt awful. Then my mom found Vera and I learned that reading is making sense. Now reading is fun!

It’s time to move beyond the struggle and frustration.

Within the first few sessions, the light will come on and old reading stresses will fade into a newfound sense of excitement and enjoyment!

The Reading Coach’s Toolkit is an online course that you can take alone, with your spouse, or with a friend from the comfort of your home. In just a couple of hours you’ll learn Vera’s Secrets to Reading Success to use with your children, family, friends, or even yourself! It features:

  • Exercises, Tips and Tricks for Fluency and Vocabulary
  • Samples of Recommended Books
  • Online Manual and sections from Vera’s book, Simply Read!
  • BONUS Coaching Young Readers video

The Reading Coach’s Toolkit takes Vera Goodman’s reading secrets and revolutionary approach, including her books, in-person workshops, video examples, and combines them in an informative course delivered directly into your home.

I wish I had found this resource earlier in my career. This way of coaching is practical, easy to implement, and incredibly successful.

Karen Kozdras – Special Education Teacher

You will never think the same way about words and how to make sense of language again!

Vera Goodman B.Ed, M.A.

Vera has spent her professional life on a mission to provide parents and teachers with the insights and special tools she has discovered. She has spoken to thousands of educators, parents, readers, groups and conferences on both education and motivational topics.

The basis of her philosophy is that one must take a holistic approach to reading. Because the English language is inconsistent and irregular, the rules of phonics don’t always work. The inability to go beyond phonics and other limiting strategies is the cause of much of the dysfunction present in those who read poorly. Good readers make sense of a passage by relying on the fewest letter cues to trigger the brain to make sense. Vera’s approach to reading changes the focus of the brain so it can access the information and experience that makes reading possible. When sounding out doesn’t work, the reader needs a new path. Find out more about the role of phonics in Vera’s blog article.

Coaching Anyone to Read Better


Aspiring readers need to practice with someone who can read. Vera’s online course trains you to be a reading coach who develops successful readers by removing the blockages that keeping them from reading. The Making Sense Approach focuses on the strengths of the learner, an understanding of the reading process, and on coach and student sharing and learning together. Vera is a passionate believer in children and in their innate ability to learn to read and write with confidence. She delivers her 50 years of research and experience around education into the Simply Read! course. Vera teaches people how to coach struggling readers to find pleasure and meaning in reading. If you know someone who is struggling with poor reading skills you can help them improve dramatically. Vera’s teaching turns parents, teachers, or any other adult into someone who can guide others to read efficiently.

Our nightly reading time with our daughter turned into a battle because she struggled with simple words…but when she read a difficult book using Vera’s approach, I couldn’t believe it was the same child!

Dawnette L. Brett – Parent

Vera’s online course unhooks struggling readers from focusing on mechanics and on sounding out. It gives them the tools to bring their understanding and experience to making sense and enables them to discover the joy of reading.

My fourteen year old daughter, Stephanie, was only able to read at a very low level. She was sad because she couldn’t read any of the books her friends were reading. After going over Vera’s course, in two days both her reading and mine were turned around. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you, Vera. You have changed life in our family forever.

Debbie Zunstein – Parent

The Reading Coach’s Toolkit (Simply Read! Helping Others Read Effectively) offers a simple coaching model.

  • Eliminates confusion
    Readers learn to make sense of words instead of struggling to sound out.
  • Builds confidence
    They feel empowered when conquering difficult words easily
  • Creates understanding
    They use a Word Journal to build a strong vocabulary.

Reading Coach’s Toolkit Simply Works


The Reading Coach’s Toolkit ensures that your coaching experience is:

  • Stress Free: Eliminates reader tension and anxiety.
  • Builds confidence and the joy of reading.
  • Simple to learn and use.

You will see dramatic improvement in fifteen days with at least fifteen minutes of consistent practice a day. Most people will read fluently within a month. Developing reading skills creates empowered students, who don’t feel like failures and get better grades. They’ll feel happier at school because they can achieve better results in every subject. They’ll want to learn more and reach higher.

After working with the simple, enjoyable approach designed by Vera Goodman, a complete change came over our son. He discovered that reading was fun and that HE COULD DO IT!

Corinne Gross – Parent

Get started today on a new path to reading!