This is the slogan under which we are advertising SIMPLY READ! our online reading course. I think I had better explain it. I am confident that when anyone learns The Making Sense Approach and uses it to practice with learners for 15 MINUTES EVERY DAY FOR 15 DAYS, most will GET IT! I believe this will be the case at least 95% of the time.

The Making Sense Approach to reading changes the readers’ focus. A neuroscientist told me that reading takes place in the frontal cortex of the brain. For this part of the brain to function properly input needs to be stress-free, simple and joyful. These are the conditions set up by The Making Sense Approach and he thought that is why it seems so magical.

Almost without exception, parents tell me the only clue they give to struggling readers is ‘SOUND IT OUT! This often doesn’t work. Sounding out small words is difficult because phonics is too irregular. Sounding out big words often fails because by the time readers get to the middle of the word they forget what they just sounded and they ‘wild guess’ a word and carry on.

The dictionary definition of reading is ‘making sense’. It’s pretty hard to make sense by guessing words. Reading becomes confusing and comprehension almost impossible. The result is that poor readers don’t read any more than they have to and so lack the practice necessary to improve. There is no pleasure in reading and JOY is one of the critical factors the frontal cortex needs to read well.

The failure to read quickly enough to find pleasure applies to readers of all ages. Many adults tell me they are slow readers and don’t enjoy reading This is because they are unable to go beyond phonics to focus on ideas rather than words. Just because you get older doesn’t mean that you make the critical switch from phonics to making sense Some parents I coach told me that they were slow readers but, as they read in this new way with their child, their own reading improved dramatically and they now enjoy reading.

Poor readers need coaches who sit beside them and force them to read quickly, giving minimal attention to the mechanics of reading so they can re-focus their brains. Everyone is taught phonics at school and those with identified problems get an extra dose. So when they are shown how to shift focus, the ability to read fluently and with comprehension happens quickly. Many coaches use the training they receive in the SIMPLY READ! course to turn ineffective readers around in as little as two or three sessions.

If you decide to order the course, please let me know how quickly you are able to put your reader on the path to reading success.

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