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The Vera Goodman Academy of Learning

Teaches the Story Circle Model™ to educational leaders from around the world.

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We invite you to Calgary, Alberta for rich learning and peer interaction as you embrace this beautiful way to change your students’ lives at the classroom level. Master teachers will join us in the new hotel on the Tsuu T’ina Reserve. You will learn how easy it is to implement this dynamic model in your schools.

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A Revolutionary Model of Education

Vera Goodman has created an interactive, success-based model that enables students to be confident readers and learners. Her model uses story, music, art, drama, and technology to build academic success.

Our 150-year-old linear, teach-test model of education is not suitable for the 21st century and has never and will never serve the needs of Indigenous students. Traditionally, children learned through story, hands-on experience and apprenticeship with lots of fresh air, exercise and sunshine. Story-telling is how we learn. It is through stories that we communicate and it is how our brains store knowledge.The Story Circle Model™ creates K-12 environments where students use story to experience success every day.


  • Strong academic focus
  • Teacher-friendly and easy to implement
  • Honors and builds on student’s strengths
  • Involves parents and community
  • Based on brain-friendly learning principles


  • Happy, engaged students
  • Boosts attendance with fewer drop-outs
  • Promotes physical and emotional health
  • Reduces costs while ensuring results
  • Creates a success-based environment