ARE YOU AS SMART AS A FIFTH GRADER? Take this test to find out . . .

This letter is written with words that would be at a suitable level for a fifth grade reading test. Do you think you could answer questions based on it?

Dear Frances,

I was cooking and just doin’ it to it, hoping to find a flop box or a bean house bull. As I was checking my eyeballs for pinholes, I saw a pigeon. I started to back em up but it was too late. I had to accept the invitation. If I have just paid more attention to the brown bag! We have to avoid taking pictures in the future. I hope you keep the whites on your nose and the reds on your tail.

Have fun, Vera

The dictionary definition of reading is ‘making sense’. Neither you, nor any fifth grader, could ‘read’ this passage even though you could easily figure out all the words. Only a truck driver has the experience to make sense of this passage.

Even the best readers in the world are illiterate, unable to read, any material to which they cannot bring some background of experience.

I will translate the passage for you as a trucker would read it.

Dear Frances,

I was driving along at full speed hoping to find a motel or truck stop. I was sleepy when I saw someone stopped for speeding. I started to slow down but it was too late. I had to accept the ticket. If I had just paid more attention to the unmanned police car! I hope you stay on the road, drive carefully and have a good trip.

Have fun, Vera

Now you can read (make sense of) this passage because I have provided the insight into the meaning behind the language  that you need for understanding.

I hope you will choose to learn how to  use The Making Sense Approach to Reading to become an effective coach to all those struggling readers you meet in life who need to read more quickly and with greater understanding.

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