Golf is not a Game of Perfect

This book, by Bob Rotella, says as much about mastering reading as it does about mastering golf. He contends that golf is not just about learning strategies and techniques; it is about the mental image one forms of oneself as a golfer. Reading, too, takes place in minds and is a mental game.

Rotella makes the point that visualization can cause actual physical reactions. He uses the example of nightmares; visualizations that result in the dreamer actually sweating, calling out and making physical gestures even though nothing is really happening.

Imagination is the form of conscious dreaming that determines our choices and our course of action.

When you take golf so seriously that you no longer enjoy it, your ability to imagine success is compromised. Chances are your play will not improve. You begin to doubt your ability to behave confidently and competently and fear the consequences of not being able to master the problem or situation that is concerning you. Imagination becomes a checklist of errors.

And all of this applies to reading! Buckminster Fuller observed that what seems to be happening at the moment is never the full story of what is really going on. Nothing is isolated so we have to choose what to visualize. Until a struggling reader or golfer can visualize success and rid his/her mind of the failure image, it is almost impossible to make progress.

Success happens when a discouraged reader is guided by an informed reading coach in how to bring imagination and previous experience to the reading process.

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