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Simply Write!


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Making Writing an Enjoyable Part of Your Life!

This book is an introduction to family writing. In a nutshell, it is about the importance of personal writing for all age groups. My aim is to free writing from an emphasis on accuracy and perfection; to encourage everybody to simply write in his or her own way. This book is about the importance and joy of celebrating writing by making it part of our everyday lives.It’s based on four assumptions:

  • Everyone can learn to write
  • Writing is learned by writing
  • Children learn from modeling
  • No child is too young to become an author

Educators place emphasize on the importance of families reading with their children. We know that this practice helps children learn to read more easily. However, the idea that families writing together is just as important to raising children who write well, is not widely recognized.

When families write together from the time children are young, writing can become as important as reading. It becomes a natural activity, exerting its power for a lifetime.

The practice of writing is undergoing rapid change. Cell phones, texting, email, and cheap long distance rates make oral and quickly typed communication so easy that many are in danger of losing their ability to actually write. We have largely abandoned the great historical exercise of letter writing. How few personal notes now enter our mailboxes! We use email to send brief, often poorly constructed, messages that are rarely saved as a chronicle for future generations to read. We are abandoning spelling in favor of the acronyms of the online chat room. Cursive writing is being replaced by printing. Composition is either avoided or turned over to professional writers.

In the book Simply Read! I show reading coaches how to develop readers who are able to let the mechanics of ‘sounding out’ fade into the background and to use experience to read quickly and fluently. In the same way, writing has to flow from our pools of experience to the page with minimal attention to structure or mechanics. When we learn to relax with words and just record them, it is remarkable how well we can write.

Simply Write! is for you. This book is based on the premise that children will become writers when the adults in their lives model and celebrate writing. It is brim full of stories, examples and activities that encourage everyone from 2 to 102 to begin writing. Parents and teachers will learn how cooperation raises strong writers.

Book Contents

  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgments / Credits
  • Personal Writing
    • Writing is for Everyone
      • There are many reasons to write.
    • Writing as Self Discovery
      • Finding our place in the events that shape our lives.
    • Writing History
      • Personal and cultural histories inform future generations.
    • Writing and Spelling
      • Being a poor speller is no excuse for not writing.
  • Family Writing
    • Writing can Start Early
      • Children can label themselves ‘writers’ from the beginning.
    • Writing in the Family
      • Valuing and celebrating writing creates strong bonds.
    • Writing Activities
      • Family writing is about more than words and paper.
  • Home and School
    • Writing Partnerships
      • When teachers and parents work together, things happen.
    • Writing at School
      • Teachers can support family writing.
  • Summary
  • Bibliography / Resources
  • Coaching / Workshops
  • About the Author

3 reviews for Simply Write!

  1. ievolve

    “Writing every day is like keeping a pot of soup on the back of the stove, it is always there ready to be added to tasted and to sustain life and provide a pleasant odor in the house. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A few simple ingredients are enough. Honesty, observation and imagination are the stock.”
    Julia Cameron

  2. ievolve

    Vera Goodman is on a gallant mission: to inspire everyone to begin a love affair with writing. Simply Write! is the first writing book I’ve seen that reveals a well-kept secret: children become writers when they see their parents writing. This is a must read.”
    Bud Gardner (Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul)

  3. ievolve

    “Vera Goodman believes passionately in the value of writing to our lives. Her deep belief in the essential role of parents in creating readers and writers is amply evident in this friendly and inviting guide. Inspirational and well informed, Simply Write will strengthen your confidence for weaving writing into your personal and family life and for teachers into your classrooms.”
    Terry MacKenzie (University Educator and Elementary School Principal)

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