Reading wings

Vera Goodman has a master’s degree in language arts from the University of Calgary.

She is a retired teacher with experience teaching grades 1 – 9.

As a private tutor, she has helped parents learn how to coach their children to read and write effectively.

She is recognized by educators and parents for her ability to explain the reading process simply and clearly.

Her personal research into literacy development has produced the strategies presented in these books.

As a teacher, administrator, conference speaker and workshop facilitator for many years, Vera is recognized as aleading authority in teaching children and adults how to become competent and enthusiastic readers.

Vera lives in Calgary, Alberta – Canada. She has three daughters Cathy, Susan and Judy, and three grandchildren, Sean, Bryce and Rachel. When she isn’t sharing a cup of tea with a friend, Vera likes to share the mountains with her horse, Missy.

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