“I attended one of your seminars in Calgary AB in the spring. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! Keep up the good work!”
“Vera has enlightened our parents with her knowledge and expertise. Her humorous approach and genuine awareness make learning fun and give parents new confidence in themselves and in their children.”
Gloria Deehan
Parent Coordinator


Vera is vibrant, humorous, easy to understand and very approachable. Her rare gift of being able to take highly intellectual concepts and bring them down-to-earth in a practical and useful way is both refreshing and rewarding to her audiences.

Vera has spent her adult life on a quest to understand how humans learn and especially how they learn to read. Her fascination has not only been with formal learning at university and attending lectures and seminars, but with conducting innovative classroom research during her teaching career.

An examination of human nature through reading and studying in a variety of fieldsincluding philosophy, personal development, science, educational theory and practice, future trends and many others, yielded metaphors that Vera uses to explain the nature of reading.

She has simplified the process by which people can become effective readers.

Learning to read and write should be just as natural as learning to speak and, in fact, shares many of the same qualities.

In 1995 Vera published and marketed her book Reading is More Than Phonics and it became a Canadian best seller within one year. As a speaker, she presented enough paid speeches in 1997 to qualify her as a Professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Vera’s work as a speaker is another significant way in which she contributes to advancing the education of teachers, students, parents and the public at large in her reading techniques and uncommon insights. Engaging Vera as a speaker for your event is a real treat!

You will love her – guaranteed!

Comments from Participants:

  • Very hands-on, practical information.
  • Honest, open discussion of issues and very informative.
  • Please have her back – many parents could benefit.
  • Excellent speaker. I really learned new ideas.
  • Vera Goodman’s wisdom, unique insights and ability to engage the audience guarantees a great learning experience for everyone.
“Vera informed and entertained our audience consistently.”
Margaret Reid

The many ways to use Vera’s expertise:

  • Reading workshops for trustees and administrators.
  • Professional development for teachers & principals in areas of reading, writing, spelling, and speaking.
  • Reading and writing workshops for teaching assistants.
  • Entertaining, informative parent workshops.
  • Speaker to parents who homeschool their children.
  • Training volunteers as mentors to students of all ability levels.
  • Teaching and facilitating a unique approach to Novel Study.
  • Training teachers and parents in daycare and pre-school programs.
  • Consultant support for individual teachers and parents.
Ask Vera to tailor a presentation to your needs today!