The Making Sense Approach to Reading

14-year-old Stephanie was longing to read but had almost given up trying. Debbie and her husband were frustrated and sad because their daughter so wanted to be reading like her friends. They heard about The Reading Coach’s Toolkit and ordered it in a last ditch attempt to make Stephanie’s dream of being able to read come true.

Together, they watched The Making Sense Approach To Reading DVD, and read the Parent’s Handbook and the Simply Read! Helping Others Learn To Read book that are included in the Kit. Two days later, Stephanie was reading material she would never have attempted before. She amazed herself when she ‘did the consonants’ on the word ‘primarily’ and read it by herself.

This family lives in Moose Jaw, my home town so I was able to meet them.The first thing Debbie told me was how learning The Making Sense Approach had already improved her own reading. Then she told me how excited Stephanie was that she was now able to read. Stephanie read to me from a challenging book with only a little help on a few words. I was as amazed as she was at how well she could read. In less than a month she read 6 books and entered 93 new words in the lovely new Word Book she bought for herself. It is worth all the time and money I have spent on producing this Toolkit just to see the joy on beautiful, shy Stephanie’s face.

In Debbie’s words, “You came into our lives as the hope for Stephanie to be able to read was growing dim as we have been working hard for many years. But we never gave up.. She is once again excited about reading. Reading is so very important so that one can function in the real world and now Stephanie will be able to do that. I can’t thank you enough for giving us renewed hope for Stephanie and our whole family, as it affects us all. Her reading is improving every day.”

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