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Thanks to all of you who responded to my Blog last February. I apologize for not following up. I’ve been so busy working on a new reading course for parents that I neglected my Blog.

The good news is that Simply Read! Helping Others Read Well (formerly The Reading Coach’s Toolkit), an online course for parents, is in the pilot stage and will be launched mid-November. Those parents with children who are struggling to read really well can learn how to practice with them in ways that will make them successful readers.   Reading practice for those who are struggling to read well day after day is depressing.  The Making Sense Approach makes it enjoyable.

A unique feature of this approach to reading is that practice material must be chosen that is  of interest to both coach and reader but that is well above the level where the learner is able to read independently.  It is a simple apprenticeship model.  Adults sit with aspiring readers and show them how correct the bad habits that are holding them back.

Phonics is the current method of choice for teaching children how to read. It is inconsistent and doesn’t work much of the time. However, many students are able to benefit from this approach and go beyond phonics to read well. But those who don’t make this transfer get stuck in ‘sounding out’ and using other strategies that don’t work. When we are focused on the mechanics of reading, we are unable to use our experience to make sense of the text.

I need to introduce myself. I am Vera Goodman, a passionate educator and researcher. I was a teacher and administrator in the public system for over 30 years. Since I retired, I have written three books, spoken to a wide variety of audiences about reading and learning, and used my experience and research to devise a simple way to coach blocked readers to success.

The Reading Coach’s Toolkit will teach and model how to improve the reading of those  who are not reading really well.  There are only four essentials for using the Toolkit successfully:

  • someone who can read
  • someone who wants to learn
  • reading material that is above the reading level of the learner
  • and TIME to spend together.

I will be attempting to post a blog every Monday.  I look forward to your questions and comments.

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